Thank you for visiting my site. I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know a bit about myself.


In 1998 I owned a computer and technology corporation. A customer of mine had taken classes from my company and he knew that I taught digital photography. The classes, like the cameras were very simple. They covered the technical side of the cameras. Like how to connect them to the computer and how to download the photos. My company also created websites and the customer was very interested in having us to build his company's first website. We agreed and he offered to hire me to take the photos for the website as well. I told him that I was not a photographer and he disagreed with me. I did after all teach photography classes. None-the-less, he hired me to take photos in the Bahamas with several models for 10 days and paid me very well. He loved the photos, I loved the work and the rest is history.

I occasionally photograph models on occasion, but normally I am a wedding and family photographer. I love working with seniors as well. They have such neat personalities and the sessions are so much fun. I love interacting with people and sharing photos that makes them smile. It makes me smile as well.

Other Interests

I am a father of the best two boys in the world. My oldest son is in the United States Navy and my youngest is in middle school. Of all the things I have done in my life, my favorite is being a father. I love to teach as well. I have taught several college classes including video production and broadcasting, Microsoft applications, Wine and Food Pairing, Basic Wine appreciation, Photography, and Student Success Seminar. I have also taught many professional development courses as well. I am an IT Manager of a 6 campus college district and I love working with the great folks at the college. I have 3 degrees and hope to begin my Doctorate in 2015.

Travel is one of my favorite things to do. I travel most weekends, photographing weddings, families or events and I actually got to photograph models in the Czech Republic and Greece this summer. It was an amazing trip. The models were great and the locations were breathtaking.

Things I like

Photography, movies, home, travel, new foods, cooking, everything wine, driving, music (all kinds), learning, reading, technology, friends & family time, helping, seeing happy people, sharing, work, and millions of other things.

If you would like to talk about an upcoming photo session you would like to have or schedule at time, please call me any time. I look forward to speaking with you.

I hope we can earn your business for the following reasons:

1. We are dependable and have earned this reputation throughout the years.
2. We are experienced, having begun professionally in 1998.
3. We are reasonably priced. Compare our prices with other true photography businesses.
4. We are insured. Our people and equipment are insured for your events.
5. We have a QUICK TURN AROUND time and do not take months to return your photos after you have purchased them. We are dedicated to delivering your photos in an understandable time frame.
6. We are easy to book for appoints. Facebook, email, text or telephone.
7. We photograph many styles and aspects of photography, ranging from weddings to sports, models to family photos.
8. We have portable equipment for events, schools, or team photos.
9. We have a studio for exceptional portraits.
10. We simply love our jobs and will greet you with a smile and deliver what you expect.


We are located in Eastern Kentucky but work throughout the state as well as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia.  We also book destination photosessions where ever our customers would like us to be.