Massey Unmanned Aerial Services
When Standing Out Matters!


Licensed UAS Commercial Pilot

Real Estate PhotographyIf you want to stand out! Call Bart Massey Photography and Unmanned Aerial Services.

How can Drones benefit you?

Real Estate from the air without the cost of a helicopter of plane being detailed with our 4K video recorder and 12 MP digital camera is an amazing way to capture potential purchasers attention.

Weddings that have the eye in the sky recording the wonderful event you have waited your entire life for is a breathtaking way to retain your memories like few others have done.  We love weddings and would love to help you with yours.

Commercial uses are enormous.  Imagine having an electric line followed and inspected, or a roof that is being repaired being viewed as the work is completing or even that business or home that is being built and you would like to have incremental history of the progress. 

Call Bart Massey today at 606-233-1622 and schedule him for your new perspective.

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