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Hazard Kentucky

Standard and Add-on Price Schedule

We treat you right and give you the best, top-of-the-line quality wedding, event and portrait photography at a fair price.
Our Price Guarantee: You won't find better quality at a lower price!

Reprint pricing is based on the size of the event package purchased or the size of your investment in Gallery Heirloom PhotoArt® Designer Wall Decor. Fully retouched and UV coated Portrait Quality gift prints start at $30. With the purchase of a large Wedding or Mitzvah Photography Package, a retouched 4x6 can be as low as $5 each in quantity. Call to set an appointment to discuss your exact requirements and pricing on Heirloom PhotoArt®enlargements and reprints.

What is the cost of professional photography?

Sitting/Session Fee-- Pays for the time of the photographer for the initial pre-consultation meeting, initial photo session, download and backup storage of the images, initial proof development, image presentation and selection presentation session.

Artist Fee/ Design Fee-- Pays for print-size image development from purchased images, digital painting, manipulation, professional retouching, enhancement, special artist effects, head or eye swaps, body sculpting, artist rendering, added texture and brushstrokes, layout and design of albums or composite pieces, etc.

Print Fee-- Pays for cropping of edited image, adjustment for final output, printing on specific media, finishing to include trimming, coating, wrapping and packaging.

Usage Fee-- Pays for the use of copyrighted digital files for a specific time period and/or specific limited purpose.

Framing and Shipping Fees-- May be additional depending on products ordered.

Customer-requested Digital Retouching:

  • Std retouch: remove blemishes/glass glare, soften facial lines.
  • Change photo to partial color/B&W, selective color or spot color.
  • Add special effects, soft-focus, motion blur, cross-processing, rotation blur, etc.
  • Eye Swap (to fix blinked shot). Head Swap.
  • Add/Remove person/object. Remove Face Shine.
  • Add'l Retouching, editing, manipulation ...starts at $30 per head, additional manipulation by quote $50./hr..
  • (retouching is standard and included on all Portrait-Quality Reprints, Framed PhotoArt and Album Enlargement pages)

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